The Bababou Hugg Crib

Product of the month: The Bababou Hugg Crib

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This design led and functional crib is made to seamlessly integrate into the parents bed. Giving the baby its own safe space as well as close physical contact with its parents.

The Bababou Hugg Crib combines design, functionality and the wonderful benefits of close physical contact that babies need for the first six months of their life.

Your baby will be snugged up next to you and enjoying safety and physiological regulation. For breastfeeding mums the crib has the advantage to have their baby close for frequent feeding but still having its own spot and space.

Bababou was founded by Lucia Nash and the idea came when she was in the hospital.

I was inspired by the functionality of the hospital bassinet, and the ability to see my daughter from every angle. I found that it was very reassuring, especially as I was recuperating from a long and difficult birth. When I went home, I missed that connection. But especially at night time I found that the first few weeks were quite an anxious time as a first time mum.

Lucia was convinced that furniture functionality can help to get a better nights sleep. And Lucia also discovered through research, that mums with a strong motivation to breastfeed frequently bed share. However, bed sharing is one of the greatest causes of SIDS. On top, the mum of two wanted to create a brand and a product that considered sustainability as a necessity rather than a luxury. The Bababou Hugg Crib was born in 2017.

The Bababou Hugg Crib

The Bababou Hugg Crib

The Bababou Hugg Crib

We discovered the brand and met Lucia during our trip to Dot to Dot London last June. We love the design of the crib but one big detail really made us fall in love:

The Hugg crib can turn into a stylish table and bench designed for use for many years to come.

That is why we selected it for our product of the month of July!

We love a high quality product that looks good, is sustainable and that can adapt. Becoming parents can be an investment and buying a product that lasts for years can never be a wrong choice.

The Bababou Hugg Crib

The Bababou Hugg Crib

Some important facts:

+ All wood is sourced through European Forests certified to FSC.
+ The lacquer is water based.
+ The fabric material is Eco Cotton/Bamboo batting, with a linen/cotton cover weaved in Ireland.
+ The packaging is also manufactured locally, made by an ISO-certified Irish company from FSC-certified, recyclable cardboard. Designed for reuse with whimsical drawings and cut outs for the nursery décor.
The furniture is designed to meet the strict EU standards for safety and health and is certified via FIRA (Furniture Independent Research Association) in the UK.

Bababou’s design aesthetic is simple and clean with functionality and sustainability at the heart. Designing furniture and textiles that have a longer use and can become heirloom products, to pass down from generation to generation.

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