In2Wood desk and chair

Product of the month: In2Wood desk and chair

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Mums, how are you feeling? The kids are back to school and the routine is coming back. You got this!

And in case you are missing a little desk for your pre-schooler or just did not find the right one yet – we have something for you today. Because the In2Wood desk and chair set is the cutest thing.

Mathieu Meert has rethought the traditional wooden school desk and created a modern version. Based in Belgium, he actually makes them himself, from sketching, designing as well as woodworking.

What we love about the In2Wood desk and chair and why we chose it for our Product of the Month of August? The set is both classic and modern with a sense of nostalgia. Therefore the design can adapt easily to all interiors and we love the choice of lovely colours like mint and yellow.

See for yourself:

In2Wood desk and chair

In2Wood desk and chair

In2Wood desk and chair

In2Wood desk and chair

Of course the desk is not only for homework, you can do anything here. From colouring to crafting and to playing with your favourite toys.  The furniture is crafted from beautiful birch plywood and solid aluminium legs.

The storage underneath is perfect for your pencils, books and important papers.

A very simple design that strikes with its high-quality finishes and sweet details, like for example the notch and pencil holder in the tabletop have the same colours as the base. Another plus is that you can easily move the desk around, due to the light plywood. Allowing it to easily adapt a new function in your changing interior needs.

Two sizes are available for the set: 2-6 years and then 6-10 years.

Avalaible in the UK through Bobby Rabbit!

All images: In2Wood/ Bobby Rabbit

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