doll houses made from IKEA Furniture

5 wonderful doll houses made from IKEA Furniture


A family home without anything from IKEA is nearly impossible. During your next trip to the Swede you should watch out for these basics, because they can be transformed into some very cool dollhouses:

doll houses made from IKEA Furniture
1. April & May made a dollhouse out of the traditional BILLY cabinets. They used a white BILLY bookcase and put a roof on top.
Using two foam plates covered with wood veneer. They created walls out of the remaining foam plates and then you can just go all creative for the furniture, lights and accessories.
doll houses made from IKEA Furniture
2. Ikea Family came up with this idea. Here a STUVA cube got some doors and an extra shelf in the middle. The rest is up to your and your kids’ creativity!
doll houses made from IKEA Furniture
3. Perfect for small spaces – put the house in a drawer. As clever as Ikea can be. Always neat and tidy and full use of little space. Via Ikea Family.
doll houses made from IKEA Furniture
4. Yes, FLISAT is already a dollhouse (and/or wall shelf) but by adding those legs from Prettypegs turns it into a designer dollhouse instantly. (full tutorial inside)
Photo credit: @jockeono
doll houses made from IKEA Furniture
5. Limmaland sells dollhouse wall stickers that are suitable for IKEA KALLAX or EXPEDIT. You get a roof and stickers for each ‘case’. Easy and cute!

Voila! Your dollhouse DIY all easy and cool. We especially like that these IKEA hacks can involve your children right from the beginning. They can help you build the house, glue the wallpapers and adding the little extra touch.

Building your own house at a very young age can only have advantages!

And once your child is not interested in dolls anymore you can still use the shelves for something else. How convenient!


Slider: Ikea Family

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