Lunamag's June picks

Lunamag’s July picks

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Summer officially started and we are enjoying all the sun we get. Probably the best distraction from all the Brexit discussions.

Another big topic is the use of plastic and the sustainable production of our clothes. In addition England is in the quarter finals of the World Cup and playing tonight. Wimbledon is still on. And we visited some trade shows and saw the new collections for next Spring/ Summer 2019. Reports will follow including videos – stay tuned.

For today we selected, again, our favourite products from the best shops and designers. For children, mums and other beloved people. We love family! And we love to bring you this monthly selection.

Lunamag's July picks

Let’s have a look at Lunamag’s July picks:

lucy folk bag
Lucy Folk’s Conch Bag is the perfect accompaniment to a summer’s day spent seaside. This bag is a playful take on the iconic seashell.

Sowden’s bottle from Hay.
Crafted in stainless steel with a plastic screw lid, the functional design is suitable for containing hot and cold drinks. Available in different sizes and colours.

the freaky raku
The Freaky Raku
Raku is a firing technique for pottery whose origins are linked to the ancient Japanese art of tea ceremony.
It seems that this technique was created by chance, by a craft man named Chojiro. He wanted to make pottery that looked old and worn out in a quick way. He removed the pottery from the kiln as soon as the glaze had reached the red-heat stage. Moreover the thermic shock provoked by the cooling process gave the pottery an aged look, that also added some value to the objects. Zaira Zarotti & Francesco Pettenà founded The Freaky Raku Studio.


picking pickle book
Picking Pickle
It can be a pickle to pick the right dog. New book by Polly Faber with gorgeous illustrations from Clara Vulliamy.

Less is more at Elias & Grace’s new concept ‘The Edit‘.

ilado maternity jewelry
Ilado revives the ancestral Mayan tradition of maternity necklace as a stunningly meaningful jewelry piece for today’s mothers.


mini sibling beau loves
We love the mini capsule collection dedicated to Beau’s Mini Sibling!


Alice In Wonderland Disney x Cath Kidston
Alice in Wonderland at Cath Kidston! See the latest Disney x Cath Kidston collaboration.

Beautiful French children’s fashion from Leoca.

Armani Resort! We love romantic dresses paired with sneakers!


Zoo is a bright and playful collection of cuddle toys made in a big oversized version. The three animals: toucan, panda and whale represent the elements: air, earth and water.


The KASBAH BAB OURIKA sits in the Atlas Mountains, on a hill. It looks down to the river, green fields and groves of olives, oranges and lemons. A beautiful spot!

Photo: Orlova Maria on Unsplash


Slider: The Freaky Raku