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Stylish wallpapers your kids will enjoy & 6 things to know before you shop

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Today's wallpaper are easy to apply and often washable. No more excuses really to not have them in the kids room. With all the fun designs they are such a great way of adding art and colour.

And you don’t need to do the ‘total look’. One section of a wall or even just a strip can be enough, depending on the pattern you chose.

The kids room is the perfect space to go for something bright and colourful. And the era of teddy bears, peach wallpaper strips to cut a room in half (how do you call those?) and Spiderman staring at you from four walls is over. Nowadays wallpapers for kids rooms are as stylish as the rest.

We gathered our favourites, which was not easy at all, and also have some great tips for you. A real wallpaper for the kids room guide. How to choose, where to find the best styles and what is important to keep in mind.

Let’s start:

Stylish wallpapers your kids will enjoy

Wallpaper from Bien Fait.

Big, bold prints of animals and objects, and your child will never have a boring day in his room. And the fantasy about elephant and horse stories will have no limits!
This wallpaper is a piece of art! Like an afternoon at the zoo, a collection of tigers, catfish, elephants and partridges with vivid expressions.

Image via Emely Henderson


Stylish wallpapers your kids will enjoy

Beach House by Milton & King

A delightful underwater scene. Super cute and somehow relaxing because who does not like to think about the ocean, saltwater and the sound of waves?

Stylish wallpapers your kids will enjoy

Magnetic Dino Wallpaper from Sian Zeng

Dinosaurs can be cool too. If you were afraid that your Dino loving child would ruin your idea of a beautiful home, this is your answer. Stylish magnetic Dino wallpaper where children can create their own magical stories.

Stylish wallpapers your kids will enjoy

Starry Sky Wallpaper from Hibou Home

Gorgeous wallpaper. For the romantic look and probably very perfect for a nursery. Sweet dreams guaranteed! Hand drawn metallic stars and clouds for your walls.

Wallpaper know how:

1. What design?
Of course you know your child best and you should ask their opinion too.
Overall: A simple and soothing pattern is great for a nursery.
Animals are always good too. And today there are really modern and stylish designs.
Black and white wallpaper designs are popular at the moment. They are a good option for creating a feature wall.
A woodland theme (tree wallpapers for example) will give a room a whimsical feel.

2. Does your favourite wallpaper fit with the rest of the room?
If you are not starting from scratch (like for a nursery for example) look at the room. What is the general mood and theme of the furniture and will it fit in?

3. Easy to Clean
Look for stain-resistant wallpaper! Some are even washable and you can just use a sponge.

Stylish wallpapers your kids will enjoy

Béatrice Alemagna for Bien Fait

Béatrice Alemagna has won several prices for her amazing drawings and illustrations. This big wallpaper print is available in 3 different versions: cat, elephant and rabbit.

Stylish wallpapers your kids will enjoy6


Metrozoo is a customizable decor printed on non-woven paper. In black and white tones, animals follow each other in line and some are filled with colors. You can order it exactly to the size of your walls.

Wallpaper know how:

4. Go for ease of installation and safety
You can choose between a self-adhesive/ peel-and-stick application or DIY version. For the DIY you will need utensils (like glue, sponges…), patience and friends.
If you choose the self-adhesive/ removable option make sure to keep the backing paper to move it to another wall.

Important: Shop for eco, non-toxic and PVC, phthalates, BPA free wallpapers with water based inks.

5. How old is the child?
Kids grow up fast and their interests and taste changes quickly too. Keep this in mind. Always. Especially if you think about investing in a designer wallpaper. It might be a better option to go for a timeless style that can accompany your child for some years.

6. Where and how much?
Will you cover all walls or just one? Or a part of a wall because you fell in love with a strong and heavy pattern? If you want to decorate all walls a simpler graphic is definitely the better choice. You do not want your child to feel ‘caged’. Plus they leave you more freedom to add wall accessories like frames and shelves.

What can also be really cool – combining two different designs can result in something very amazing.

Stylish wallpapers your kids will enjoy

Safari Wallpaper by Nofred

Lions and tigers for a little magic!

Stylish wallpapers your kids will enjoy

Claudia wallpaper by Borastapeter

Clouds are great. Unisex, cute yet chic and a pattern that does work if you cover all walls.
A design that will last a few years. Pair it with crisp whites or pop in some colours. It is a really easy design to make your own.

Image via Wallpaper Direct


Stylish wallpapers your kids will enjoy & 6 things to know before you shop

Are you ready to wallpaper the kids room?

PS: We think you might be interested to read about the interior and colour trends for 2018. They may help with the selection!


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