The greatest pull along toys for your baby and toddler

The greatest pull along toys for your baby and toddler


A beautiful pull-along toy should be part of every toy box. They help to develop baby's motor skills and accompany them during their first steps.

Once your little one is up and about, a pull-along toy will help your baby work on their balance and coordination. Pull toys encourage a new independence of mobility and exploration. Therefore we have selected some fun and cute versions here today.

But even before your child can walk, these toys are very interesting. Because it is great fun to pull the string and see the toy roll towards them.
Browse between cute animal shapes or vehicles. Fluffy characters and some that include sensory toys too. They really come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days, and we made to first selection to help you decide.


The greatest pull along toys for your baby and toddler


Here is our selection in details – colourful, fun, fluffy and educational:


1. Tito the Turtle leisurely moves along with his shell rolling and twirling. And the most fascinating part for children is the water that flows whilst moving Tito around.

2. This monochrome Wooden Soldier comes with a drum, which he plays as your child pulls him along.

3. The Pop Up Circus! Press the figurines and try and catch the clown, monkey, and tiger when they fly into the air.

4. Cute and fluffy pull-along mammoth. The lovely fur makes it soft and cute to play with, and also a lovely decorative detail for the children’s room.

5. Such a beautiful and sweet pull along toy in the shape of a turtle with 10 rainbow blocks which make up the turtle’s shell. And it is a puzzle too because your child will learn how to put the blocks in the right formation to make the turtle’s shell.


1. Crochet deer on wheels to pull to all your favourite places.

2. Snoopy stirs his ears when in movement! This Fisher Price vintage remake is such a classic and heirloom toy, it is a true must-have for every family home.

3. Two horses which gallop along together, when the wooden toggle is pulled along. A stunning toy and the natural horses have real tails too.

4. Marcel is probably the cutest cat around. An adorable wooden toy for children that will turn the cats head and the tail will move back and forth when moving along.
5. Pull the dog along and listen to its tail to ‘click-clack’ as he rolls along. Made from solid wood, this cute dog has been left unpainted to show off the beauty of real, solid wood.

We invite you to discover these adorable wooden toys as well as your favourite wooden baby walkers.


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