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3 magic wooden toy brands from Poland


Poland is very well known for their craftsmanship. You can find a lot of traditional furniture, toys and home accessories. And Poland is a very young (in mind) country, full of energy and entrepreneurship too.

Which led to the new generation starting their own workshops and making modern wooden toys for example. Timeless, handmade pieces that find new homes all over the world.

Today we will introduce you to three of them:

Up! Warsaw

Up! Warsaw

Up! Warsaw is a little family workshop that creates colourful and playful furnishings that kids can play with. Interactive planes, circuses, balloons and clouds bring rooms to life! A world of fabulous decorations, which can truly move, fly and reach outer spaces. A family-run design studio and workshop that creates handmade, ecological furniture and toys for children.
Everything is produced by hand 100% in Poland, made of birch plywood and painted with ecological, water based paints.

One of the happiest, most exciting and carefree memories of my childhood was a little circus near our home. In exchange for helping with the animals, I was allowed to ride a pony in the arena after the show. The colors, lights, costumes, and props were fantastic and made a big impression on me. When my first daughter was born, I wanted to give her some of this magic world. I set my childish fantasies free in the workshop and, with my husband and two daughters, created Up! Warsaw.

Touch Wood handmade toys

Touch Wood

Handmade wooden toys designed by a mum and dad from the heart of Poland.
Minimalistic, timeless, natural and beautifully made. Wooden handmade toys for small hands. You can find teethers, cars and just new: sweet bedside lamps.
A simple lamp made of solid wood once turned on you can see the glowing constellation of your choice.
(that bunny would make a great little gift for the Easter basket)

Wooden Story

Wooden Story

Natural wooden toys with a hint of retro in their appearance.
Baby toys such as little cars and teething rings, and dolls’ prams and wooden trolleys for bigger kids. The company takes great care in selecting its raw materials, and all are certified to be free from toxic paints or varnishes.

As we are a family running manufacture we take care of every single piece of wood with a lot of attention – our products are handmade and free of harmful chemicals. They came to us from the forest.

We love the wooden Peace & Love blocks. Made from various types of wood with unique textures and shades. Engraved with words like: Peace, Love, Conscious, Freedom, Truth, Accept, Happy. They invite you to play in the world of beautiful ideas. A perfect present for kids as well as grownups.


If you would like to know more about wooden toys for kids and why we think they are fantastic, please have a look at this article we wrote.


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