From Hawaii: AshleyRose Clothing

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Today we are in Honululu. Meeting AshleyRose who started her boho brand AshleyRose Clothing ten years ago.

Combining the beauty of Hawaii, her love for handmade clothing and the best boho pieces for little ones around. Come in and enjoy!

AshleyRose Clothing is your brand if you love the boho look. Layering, adopting pieces to the seasons and the general casual, romantic feel – this is exactly what you will find here.
AshleyRose Clothing

AshleyRose Clothing

AshleyRose Clothing

My designs are constantly developing but one thing always remains true, I LOVE floral prints! My middle name may be the reason for my shop name, but there’s no denying the perfection it creates in mirroring my choice in fabric colors.


Find bubble rompers, maxi skirts or bloomers for your little fashionista.

Every piece is inspired by the colors and flora in Hawaii. Every outfit is unique , made just for your little one and once they grew out you can keep it for siblings. These pieces are heirlooms and will bring joy for many years.

The gorgeous rompers work perfectly during winter in case you have doubts. Layer them with a long sleeve shirt, leggings or tights and boots. In summer it is all they will need. Go up a size and your baby can wear this for a long time. We love versatile clothing!


AshleyRose Clothing