Highlighting sustainable UK brands

Highlighting sustainable UK children brands

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As the brands are preparing for the upcoming trade shows I like to focus on sustainable UK brands, who are passionate about the environment. This is something very close to my heart , as I believe we should all consider where our clothes come from, how they are manufactured and what fabrics are being used.

To focus on minimizing the use of hazardous chemicals and the production of waste by-products, maximizing efficiency in their use of energy and water, and establishing fair wages and production standards that are healthy for workers.

Over the last ten years the children’s wear market has grown enormously and also the concept of ethical fashion in kids-wear, as I remember the time when my girls were babies all I could find were non-bleached organic cotton rompers !

So my delight in seeing so many amazing UK brands emerging fills me with hope.

Below a selection of 5 brands who shine bright some already established others newcomers and worth watching out for.


Marlon and little friends

Marlon and little friends is based in London .
Each garments is associated to one of their knitters, they are a key part to their brand. They have been hand-picked from around France for their specific know-how, expertise and passion for knitting.
Their items are labelled with the name of their knitters to create a direct link with their customers and to give their garments a special story.



Little Luwi is also based in London .
They use organic cotton in their collections and certified production.
The no fuss and simplistic line with an edge is definitely a new brand to watch .



Brighton based Bonnie Mob are  the forerunners in their production ethics.
Here is an extract of what they say :

When it comes to producing clothing, throwaway fashion is a very tempting choice. It’s cheaper, it’s quicker and it is profit-led. However, our industry has a lot to answer for. We are responsible for a huge impact on our planet, causing damage to the environment with water and energy waste and the use of harmful chemicals. Not to mention the negative effects on human health and the unfair working conditions of millions of people. We strongly believe that this has to change.



organic zoo
Organic Zoo are offering a range of 100% organic cotton clothes that are produced entirely in Europe. With a resolute commitment to quality, fair trade and the environment.
Their mission is to encourage customers to make more conscious purchasing choices. With the emphasis placed on the manufacturing process, origin of the garments, design and quality of materials.



Based in Yorkshire Pippin is a new brand , who create their garments from 100% recycled A grade denim. Considering how much denim ends up in landfills it is wonderful to see Pippin embracing the concept of using  recycled fabrics. I fell in love with their debut collection and surely you will too.


Slider: Nicole Frobusch

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