How to buy children's shoes online!

How to buy children’s shoes online!


Online shopping is a very convenient way of buying. It allows you to find what you need when you have time to look for it. Just that some things are easier to get online than others.

Baby wipes are easy. T-shirts are easy. Shoes? Different story. They need to fit and be comfortable. This is why we talked to somebody who knows on: How to buy children’s shoes online!

What you should look out for and what is important to know. Because one thing is for sure – nobody likes returns.


Lunamag talked to Marta Painous from the young kids shoes brand Zaduck. Zaduck makes happy shoes for happy people and will launch their first collection for Autumn/ Winter 2018. We met the brand during Dot to Dot in January and talked with founder and designer Marta.

Marta is 33 years old, a Chemist by trade and since 2017 a shoe designer by surprise. Since her graduation from university she was working in different areas and also lived in the Netherlands for some time. Having had time to enjoy different kind of people, cultures and points of view, Marta realized that she wanted to learn something new. Something special.

zaduckAnd since she loves crafts and shoes, the decision was easy.
Back to Spain, she spent one month in Alicante. Together with a shoemaker she spent her days in the shoe factories. To learn and observe. Marta quit her chemist job one year ago and took on this new adventure and became a shoe designer!


Currently she is living in a small village near Barcelona. This area of Catalonia has really nice landscapes, vineyards and the sea is only 20 minutes away.

Lunamag: Zaduck – how did you come up with the name?

Zaduck is a Spanglish word that came from zapato (shoe in Spanish). As a playful brand, the name should also be playful.

What is (your) the number one priority when it comes to designing kids shoes?

The priority in Zaduck is to do comfortable shoes and take care about all materials that we use, specially the ones that are in direct contact with the feet. Kids have more sensible skin than adults, and we should take care of it.


How to buy children's shoes online!

What materials do you use?

The shoe is basically all made from leather. The lining and insole is made from chrome free leather and I use fabrics sometimes as well.

How do you source them (the materials) ?

I buy them in Spain, but they come from Italy,Portugal and Spain.

Where do you produce?

Local. In a factory in Alicante, Spain.

What does comfortable mean?

For me a comfortable shoe has to overcome three points:
1) The materials should bring perspiration to the foot.
2) You shouldn’t feel the shoe too close to avoid chafing.
3) You shouldn’t feel that the shoe is heavy. That at the end of the day you don’t feel your feet and legs are heavy.

Can you share the ultimate tip or two for parents when shopping shoes for kids online?

I think that parents need to buy comfortable shoes for their kids and also the right size. Kids grow up very quickly and parents need to pay attention when their children change size. Otherwise the little ones can experience pain. Kids shoes need to be comfortable, because children like to play a lot and they need to feel free.

If my favorite shoes are only available online – how can I make sure to get the size right?

You can find a guide of how to measure a kid’s foot on the Zaduck website . The best way is to position the kid’s heel against a wall and be sure that the heel and toes are completely flat.
Then measure the distance from the heel to the longest toe. It is better to measure the longest foot as we naturally don’t have equal feet. Then if the distance is between two sizes it’s better to choose the larger one.

Zaduck shoes are super trendy – how do you make sure they are comfortable too?

I choose to use leather because I think that it gives breathable properties that are good for the feet. And also the soles are from a flexible and light material that gives you more comfort.

Marta, where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I usually find inspiration of something that I have around at some point. Traveling, reading a book, walking in the mountains but always when my mind is in a relaxed moment.

What are your goals for 2018?

One of my goals for this 2018 is to make people love Zaduck as much as I love it and make all of them happy!


All images: Zaduck

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