Italian children’s fashion: 11 brands you should know


Sofia Vittoria Nanni

Italy is known for its good food and its fantastic holiday destinations. But the beautiful country is also a good address when it comes to children's fashion.

Italian children’s fashion is as lively and colourful and we are inviting you to discover a little more today!

Every year Luna visits the children’s fashion fair Pitti Bimbo in Florence. And there are many brands presenting the name of Italian fashion in high esteem. Since we have already presented you with the most beautiful children’s fashion from Spain, Scandinavia, England, Japan, and Poland, here are our favourites from Italy. We hope it will be love at first sight!

Come and discover 11 Italian children’s fashion brands you should know:

Caffè d´Orzo

Since 2009 Caffè d´Orzo is specialized in clothes for girls. Natural and organic materials such as silk, cotton, wool and soy jersey are some of the raw materials the brand uses. The collections are inspired by nature, the world of children and the small details that turn a simple day into something special. The pieces are made to give the little one space and are age-appropriate. The fashion of Caffè d´Orzo enhances the sound and subtlety of childhood.


douuod kidsDOUUUOD Kids is distinguished by its clear and refined lines. A casual and authentic style, where everything comes from Italy. The brand’s strengths are neutral colours, contemporary shapes and fabrics that adapt to any occasion. And not to forget the contemporary quality of the comfortable fabrics.


guess kidsGUESS was founded in 1981 as a jeans company and has since successfully developed into a global lifestyle brand. The children’s fashion the label designs is vibrant and colourful and denim always remains at the core. Of course, each collection is designed for little trendsetters and plays with refreshing colours and playful patterns. Without forgetting the GUESS logo.

Il Gufo

il gufoOriginating from a small sewing workshop, Il Gufo is one of the best-known children’s clothing brands today. All in all, the aim of the label remains the typical Italian style, the quality of each garment and the craftsmanship in all phases of production. The research, combination and processing of materials is always functional and is carried out with the greatest possible attention to the needs of children.

I Pinco Pallino

i pinco pallinoIn 1980 I Pinco Pallino was founded. A fictitious name that does not need any meaning and simply represents the group of children. The attention to detail, the use of unconventional fabrics and sophisticated tailoring techniques are an essential part of the brand. In essence, the garments are glamorous and are intended to inspire children to never stop dreaming.


Minina’s clothing is designed to be worn both while playing and in a more elegant context. Refined embroidery, delicate patterns and soft materials create a style that combines Parisian affection with Milanese sobriety. Unique and instantly recognisable! Furthermore each season they create their own new patterns.


naturino shoesFor more than 40 years, the Naturino brand has been dedicated to designing safe and comfortable shoes that are able to give our little ones the best fit. Whatever the age of the child and whatever the occasion or activity, the Italian shoe brand has the perfect style.

Paolo Pecora Milano

paolo pecorasAt Paolo Pecora, creativity is seen as the essence of everything. Founded in 1988, the brand has grown rapidly in the knitwear sector, thanks to the high quality standard of its fabrics and its iconic aesthetics. Also, each collection is inspired by street style and global trends. In short, the target group is modern children who like to wear authentic, casual and contemporary clothing.


Founded in 2009, Sonatina is a children’s shoe label that creates a sophisticated and romantic high-end collection. The shoes are inspired by the thirties and the world of dance. In fact, quality and design are the key factors in the production of the shoes. The elegant, tiny creations are mainly made of nappa leather and worked by the experienced hands of Italian craftsmen.


touriste kids fashionTouriste is a new brand and stands for a child with the dream to travel, to discover, and to learn. Coupled with the mascot “Monkey” has a great thirst for discovery and an unstoppable spirit of adventure. After all, the brand likes to play with its Tourist Child and makes the comfort one needs whilst travelling the central element of every collection. Also the clothes have unconventional cuts, but they give a lot of freedom of movement without losing elegance.

Zhoe & Tobiah

zhoe tobiahTimeless elegance is a trademark of the Zhoe & Tobiah label, which reinterprets children’s fashion in its own way. Stripes, delicate colours, fine fabrics, the cheerful and inspiring collection is characterized by a positive and loving character. And the brand also produces cuddly toys made of fabric that can be combined with the clothes.

In summary: We love Italian children’s fashion!

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Slider: Paolo Pecora Milano

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