Kids Fashion Trends for Spring/ Summer 2019

Kids Fashion Trends for Spring/ Summer 2019

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We know you have been waiting for this. The intel on what you will see in stores and online for next summer 2019.

And we can tell you it is fresh, colourful and sporty! So after our trade show visits in Florence, Paris and London we put the puzzle together. Here is our Kids Fashion Trends for Spring/ Summer 2019 report.

Kids Fashion Trends for Spring/ Summer 2019

Even so we should admit that trends have changed too. The industry is playing it rather safe these days so brands stick with what works and buyers follow this scheme anyway. One could say: No risk no fun! And we agree from the fashion point of view. But looking at the economy and the drastic changes that online shopping brought along it is not easy to explore new waters.

And that is why there was one trend that was so welcomed by everyone. And that shares some great optimism. Happy prints combined with strong printed messages. Encouraging and motivating positive vibes for the little people in our lives!

What else? Let’s have a look:

Brands are going colourful. Yes – primary colours like red or blue were even incorporated by brands that used to follow the darker range of colours until now. (Loud Apparel or Little Creative Factory for example)

Otherwise we found a lot of pre-washed colours, pink tones (another trend that is here to stay it seems) as well as pastels. Maybe the black and white focus starts to shift?!
A propos pink: You will find pink in the boys section next summer as well. A lot actually!

For fabrics there will be a lot of terry, natural cotton and linen. The whole organic aspect is growing which is wonderful. Nowadays you can definitely and easily choose to buy organic and still have a stylish wardrobe. It is great to see brands taking responsibility, looking for solutions and the best production methods!

Kids Fashion Trends for Spring: Summer 2019 ss


Ruffles: Yes, still there. And everywhere. Adapted by a few brands that you would not expect so there will be a ruffle for every taste next summer.

Embroidery: A beautiful way of adorning clothing and there will be lovely patterns coming your way.

Fringes: You probably noticed this trend in the women’s wear department for this winter. There will be lots for children next year too.

Prints: Smileys, messages, rainbows.

Sporty: The athleticism influence is real and you can find a lot of comfortable looks. Elastic finishes or light wear fabrics are adapted from the sports wear sector.

We hoped you like what is coming next year and for now we focus on the new Autumn/ Winter collections.

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