Wonderful children shoes for Autumn from Naturino

Wonderful children shoes for Autumn from Naturino


All the different shades of pink, as well as military green and the more classic colours featuring patterned stars, hearts and street brush strokes.

This is the colour palette of the new Autumn/ Winter collection from Naturino shoes. Inspired by Mother Earth for the perfect autumn shoes for children.

You go jumping over roots, daydreaming or to a party. Naturino has the right shoe for you. Waterproof, warm, chic or sporty? Whatever your needs, you can be assured to wear a modern pair of soles that lets you be free.

The new collection is inspired by the world of nature. Because it’s all about the unexplored worlds our children have yet to discover on the path to becoming the adults of tomorrow.

We want to paint tree barks rather than walls, hang shoes rather than paintings, and lie on sheets made of grass! We want to toss Indian wigwams high into the air and bind the tallest trees tightly with ropes.

Wonderful children shoes for Autumn from Naturino

Wonderful children shoes for Autumn from Naturino

Wonderful children shoes for Autumn from Naturino
Children look at the world with curiosity. Instinctively understanding that nature and animals are their companions on a very special journey where innovation and the environment can and must walk hand in hand.

For girls, in addition to the more classic models, there are delightful models that feature metal embroidery, colourful technical fabrics, hearts, roses and stars.

For boys, you can find street-effect brush strokes, classic sneakers in velour and nylon or super-trendy dirtied and vintage effect models.

The Naturino Rainstep line includes all our favourite ultra-practical evergreen models, as well as super-trendy patent and laminated leather boots. With the addition of being waterproof  which means that your that feet will be warm and dry, while still adding a touch of glamour to any outfit.

You would like to know the trends for the shoe season?

Black is the must-have of the season, matched with wintery colours like blue, grey, taupe and military green. For girls pink is still hot and they can choose between candy pink for toddlers or antique rose, orchid and burgundy. But there are also metallic colours like platinum, silver and sparkly rose pink.

And for special details you will find faux-fur linings and trims, flower and star patterns and metallic embroidery.

In summary – Naturino combines functionality, style and comfort to let our children be children!

In collaboration with Naturino!

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