The cutest baby jumpers right now!


Jumper weather!

And instead of getting all sad about it, we better dress accordingly. Because it is here to stay! We scanned our favourite shops and found the cutest baby jumpers to make sure the little belly stays cosy.

Warm, cute, sporty or luxurious. Your decision:

the cutest baby jumpers

In detail:

1. Love Papa knitted jumper.

2. Lightweight jumper from Fub. 100% wool.

3. Colourful stripes, organic cotton and a happy sun. Fantastic against grey weather.

4. Embroidered collar and beautiful details for this classic jumper from Tartine et Chocolat. Buttons in the back.


1. Pink Panther! In a reversible alpaca hoodie! We love! Luxurious, cute and warm.

2. Beautiful mustard colour (unisex!) and a great classic shape that goe swith anything from jeans to fancy skirts.

3. A magic jumper with its stars down the sleeve and the ‘magic’ embroidery. made from very soft and thick fabric.

4. This is such a fun sweater with the fruits and happy colours!


1. Cotton, merino and the cutest embroidered bear face.

2. Bear Hug!

3. Fun maze print on this great colourful sweater.

4. Soft knit with an adorable whale all over the jumper.


Another jumper we love and with a message that should travel around the world: Kindness is my superpower from organic Zoo!

kindness is my superpower

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