Why you should visit Greenwich Park in London with the family

Why you should visit Greenwich Park in London with the family

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Iconic views, a mix of 17th century landscape, stunning gardens and one of the four Maritime World Heritage Sites in London. Greenwich Park has something for the whole family!

A big park that has a little pond where you can hire a peddle boat, visit the free National Maritime Museum or simply take in the wonderful sights of the city. Greenwich Park is a lovely place to chill and relax with family and friends.

We were just telling you about these cool local spots to see and do in London and they included a trip to the Meridian Line. The 0 degree line of longitude that passes through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

And Greenwich Park is actually a really great park that deserves more attention than just this line. That is why we are back with some more facts, things to see and do and everything else you need to know!

Why you should visit Greenwich Park in London with the familyPrint: Simon-Fitzmaurice / Print Club London

Things to see & do in Greenwich Park:

+ Pick chestnuts in October. The park has plenty of beautiful chestnut trees.

+ The deer park with fallow and red deers.

+ The Queen’s House – the former royal residence.

+ Visit one of the three cafe’s for a little tea time.

+ National Maritime Museum

+ Take the Thames Clipper (boat) to get here.

+ There is a fabulous playground in the North of the park.

Fun Facts:

+ Greenwich Park is one of the Royal Parks of London

+ Queen Elizabeth’s Oak. This huge oak tree dates back to the 12th century.

+ There are tunnels under the park.

+ The movie ‘Young Victoria’ was filmed here.

+ Greenwich Park dates back to 1427 and is the oldest enclosed Royal Park.


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