Beauty must haves pregnancy

7 Beauty must-haves for expecting moms

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For those of you expecting, planning a baby or new moms, we have something for you today. We gathered the essential beauty must-haves you really need during this time. With the worry of supposedly harmful chemicals in some of your favorite beauty products and the threat of dreaded stretch marks, you may need a little update in your bathroom cabinet.


Beauty must haves pregnancyAnd you want to pamper yourself, give your skin the hydration it needs and nourish yourself with good and clean skincare, vitamins and essential oils.

A lot of women suffer from very dry skin, acne break outs, tired legs and/ or pregnancy melasma during these precious nine months. And the so called ‘pregnancy glow’ seems to be far away.

Try to be patient, get over the first 12 weeks and have a look at these beauty essentials:





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