7 kids milestones parents should actually celebrate

7 kids milestones parents should actually celebrate

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These milestones may not be in the baby books, but they are definitely major achievements during parenthood.

Classic baby milestones like baby’s first tooth, first smile or baby’s first steps we want to write down and share with the world. But especially when you have more than one child there are other big events that we love to circle in our agendas.

These moments are maybe not so popular in the books but often are the world for parents.

And, trust us, these milestones reach you faster than you would like too.

7 kids milestones parents should actually celebrate

1.Solo Bathroom Trips

When your child can use the bathroom himself. No more nappies is a huge step. But then you deal with potties, wiping, toilets that are not right or other bathroom adventures. The real triumph is when your kid tells you he has to go. And all you do is take note.

2. Self-Serve Breakfast

When your child wakes up and serves himself cereal or banana with yoghurt without waking you up.

3. When your child can blow his own nose.

You know what we mean. This milestone is the grand.

4. When he finally can answer with “yes” and “no”.

A big day for all parents! Finally, the guessing game is over.

5. Swing on the swing.Alone.

You probably explained the works of a swing many times. And pushed it again and again many many times and many hours.

6. When it closes the first friendship and arranges a play date.

The first true childhood friendship is cute. And convenient. It might give you some free time or quality time to spend with siblings when they are at a friends’ house. A visiting child makes everything easier too – the children will prefer to play among themselves and have no interest in you at all.

7. Dressing alone.

Your child disappears and comes back fully dressed!
It will happen, and it will be glorious.


Slider: Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

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