Mum’s reading list #10


It is time for one of our favourite articles of the month again. The round up of our favourite reads from around the net.

Think some gossip paired with in depth motherhood articles. Great interviews and authors that can captivate you. And make you think!

Our kind of mix!

Julia RobertsImage: Getty / Frazer Harrison


DNA tests leading to divorces!

A wealthy family baby nurse shares some inside stories.

How to split the check.

Is sex dead?

Every mother counts: Giving birth in the USA / CNN

A very interesting and in depth interview and reportage about Prince Charles.

12 authors and their favourite libraries.

The best movie dance scenes.

Julia Roberts grew up.

What I want to tell you most about having a husband who is gone a lot is this: It is harder on him than it is on me.

My husband is gone a lot, but I am NOT a single mom. Motherly.

Opioid addicted children and how their parents cut them off!

The story of Leana Wen, President of Planned Parenthood.

Un-adopting a child.

Quitting Instagram.

Not only carbon – reducing our water footprint is important too.

A little more gossip – from a personal shopper at Barney’s.



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