Mum's reading list #8

Mum’s reading list #8

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Hello dear readers, this week we will wave good bye to August. And over the week end we will probably hush around getting the last bits for the school start.

But first: You will make yourself a nice cup of tea and enjoy our new reading list.

And hands down, we have the best article about working mums we have ever read. Serena Williams is still on her mission to clear a few things about having children and being a pro tennis player.
There is also a really good article with parents sharing some insight about childhood normality in their countries!

You see: Your place, your articles. All in one convenient list!

Mum's reading list #8
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Ready, sip, go:

Do you remember the first thing that you ate after giving birth?

Whether stay-at-home or working, finding that balance with kids is a true art. You are the true heroes.

Also read this interview with Serena about motherhood!

Parenting around the world.

You cannot be loved by everyone. Here, people share how they deal with critics.

In case you missed it – we spoke with Velveteen founder Laura Egloff about starting a brand, motherhood and an international family life.

The best article we have read in a long while about working mums! Must read!

Need a good laugh?

Things to do in London this September!

Thank you for reading!


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