What adults can learn from their children!

What adults can learn from their children!

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Children can help us to see who we were before the world told us how and who we should be.

As we grow we lose our curiosity and life starts to get complicated. Our natural and uninhibited behaviour becomes tainted by society. Once we realise that we want to return to who we were as children.

Once we put aside our learned views of the world, we realise that we are indeed happiest with the most simple things in life. And we can look at our own children and follow their innocent happiness and joy for little things.

Children can help us get back to who we were before the world told us who we should be!

what can adults learn from their kids
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So what can adults learn from their children?

You could try one thing already: Go for a walk with a kid and do the same with an adult using the same route. Children are very keen observers of everything around them. You will be surprised at the different things you end up noticing and explaining when you walk with a child.

Laugh more

Research shows that children laugh about 300 times a day. And adults? What do you think? Only 5, on average! Laugh more, be happy and show it. Laughing makes you feel good…

Filter people

Children have a very cool gut system in place and quickly decide if they like somebody or not. And if they don’t, they just walk away. And play with somebody else. Don’t let some unkind people drain your energy!

Be curious

Embrace childish curiosity. Kids can ask a million questions. They examine, they discover and they want to know everything. That is how they learn. Unfortunately, we often lose our curiosity and stop learning and discovering…

Be your own artist

Children draw, paint and build endless Lego structures after another. Then they play, they destroy and they start over. They do not overthink their work!

Live now

Grown-ups would say it is ignorant to not to be concerned about the future and what will happen tomorrow. We understand. But that also includes that we do not see the beauty of the present. We are just so stuck to worry about other things that we forget to live our moments. Children do not see why the math test tomorrow is something to stress about today!


As adults, we love to criticise and to point out all our negative sides and things we are not good at.
When we were kids, we shared experiences, took prime roles and we shared our success stories. We were confident to say something good about ourselves. Today we fail to see what we are good at because our prime focus is on our shortcomings.

Pure heart

Children do not judge people on the basis of their colour or religion. Or any other things! Children never judge people, it is something they learn later on or witness and adapt. As adults we need to go back to the simple formula: If you want to free yourself from being judged, stop judging other people first.

Embrace change

We are scared of change and our mind is suspicious of anything that is new or against what we believe. Children are very flexible and adapt easily. Plus they are easily excited about the news.

Nothing is impossible

Kids always believe that. And it is probably the best thing to learn from them. Because you can do a whole lot more than you believe. And whatever your dream is, it will become true.

What adults can learn from their children!
Photo: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Start this weekend and go on a discovery tour with your children. Learn new things, answer their questions and share their dreams. And yours!

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