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Do you tend to ask your friends what they will get their husbands for Christmas? Or google for ideas?

You are not the only one and husbands, aka dads, are usually on top of the list when it comes to the ‘I need gift inspiration’ call. Again, we are here to help, and assembled a really cool and creative gift guide for dads.

Something for the coffee lover, a great book or accessories. We are certain that you will find something for your partner in crime:

gifts for dads


Let’s have a closer look at our gift guide for dads and see the fun things we found!

And pssst…. tomorrow we will cover mums so you can give your husbands a little hint beforehand to check our page for inspiration…


1. Hello coat rack. This will put a smile into your entrance hall…

2. The Wes Anderson Collection: Isle of Dogs

3. Nominated Best Gin in the world by Wall Street Magazine in a great gift set. It includes a teacup from which to sip your latest Hendrick’s cocktail creation.

4. Grooming kit from Aesop with the ever so delightful resurrection aromatique hand wash and more.


1. London skyline chess set! Beautiful, unique and cool.

2. Trendy, warm and goes with everything – black knitted beanie from Acne.

3. Desk calendar with cartoons from The New Yorker. And who does not love their cartoons?

4. Perfect espresso cups to go with that cool espresso maker (below). Hand dipped colours!



1. Minimalist Teflon-coated stainless steel espresso maker! Beautiful and different.

2. A classic – card holder from Mulberry.

3. Cool slippers from Marimekko.

4. Leather gloves with checked flannel.

We’ll see you back tomorrow for our next Gifts for Mums guide. And this way to our Gift Guide overview!

Slider: Getty Images / Carol Yepes

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