Seven genuine and approved gifts for new mothers

Seven genuine and approved gifts for new mothers

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Your friend just had a baby and you would love to bring something special just for her. Here are seven genuine and approved ideas!

And it is truly a frequently asked question – what to give a new mum? That is thoughtful, makes life a little easier and will be remembered!

In general when you think of gifts for new parents it is all about the baby. But baby showers are so popular these days that she probably has all the baby essentials anyway. We passionately recommend giving your best friend, or sister or colleague something  that promotes rest, relaxation, and self care.

New parents adore helpful gifts and we have rounded up our top seven favourites.

And before we start we want to give you a few insights for your visit. Little things go a long way. You want to consider:
1. Do not ask to hold the baby unless the new mum offers. New parents want to cuddle that newborn and all the hormones can make sharing difficult.
2. Listen and ask questions. Give her time to share her birth story in her own way. Just be there with her. Because birth and the last trimester often do not go as expected. And having someone you love listen is a true gift in those emotional first weeks.

Seven genuine and approved gifts for new mothersPhoto: nathan burrows on Unsplash

And here are our favourite gifts for new mums:

1. A lightweight, beautiful soft cotton robe or PJ.
To exchange the flimsy hospital gown (if still there) and to wear through all the nights of midnight nursing.  A gorgeous robe just for mum to feel comfortable and a little bit chic too.

2. Beauty products.
Little luxuries really work like a charm. Select a couple of favorite beauty products and  help her to feel like herself again. It can be a pretty bottle of dry shampoo, the best lib balm or super luxury hand cream. She will love it. And you!

3. A reflexology appointment.
It magically relaxes the whole body. Talk to her if maybe you can accompany her to take care of the baby or, in the best case, have somebody come to her home.

4. FOOD.
No surprise here. But really, having not to think about preparing meals is a great gift. Frozen, healthy diners. And also bring snacks.  Healthy snacks that are easy to eat one handed for during the day.
Or go over for lunch and bring the food. Do not ask the new mum what she wants. She will not like to make that decision. She loves things that are EASY. Bring a few options, set the table and eat. Left overs go in the fridge for diner or next days lunch!

5. A lovely water bottle.
A new mum, especially when she is breastfeeding, is always thirsty.

6. A care package that nobody will ever ask for but is so thoughtful. And it includes:
– Cooling Pads
– New Mama Bottom Spray
– Nursing pads
– Nipple cream
– Stool softener
Bring it in a pretty box!

7. A voucher to a cleaning company.
Even if it only covers one or two rounds. It is one or two rounds that somebody else will clean the house.

And just one more tip: The gift of no pressure.
When sending an e mail, a gift or a text. Tell her to enjoy the baby and that she does not need to respond. Reading lovely words without the ‘pressure’ of getting back is worth a lot!


Slider: Jordan Whitt on Unsplash