Lunamag’s October picks

Must haves, SHOPPING

Just when you think that another month just passed by... our top picks are coming along!

And make for the best ending!

happy self journal
Via The HappySelf journal.

Our favourites for the months of October, with lovely things for the whole family:

Last minute Halloween Spooky Spider DIY game!

Pottary Barn teen X Benefit collaborate for a decor capsule collection.

sleeper kids linen dress
Beautiful and versatile dress made of 100% linen. Perfect choice for summer in the city and trips to the sea and comfortable like a night gown. Available in mum sizes too! Sleeper.

Romey Loves Lulu. Wearing cereal all over your body is what dreams are made of.

studio ghibli_petit_bateau
We love: Studio Ghibli X Petit Bateau

Slipper season!

DIY: This embroidered wall hanging is quick and easy to make yourself.

family bed ace
What is 3.7m wide? The Ace family bed!

Sweaters and tee’s for cool mums!

Harry Potter fashion for children.

heer breastfeeding bench
Heer is here. It rotates, it rocks and it enables mamas to comfortably breastfeed in public spaces.

Talking about breasts, here is what you should know about breast health.

Mouty – new brand from Paris. For men and boys only.

Stylish mums attention: Find a curated selection of previous seasons clothes and accessories for children at affordable prices at Beyond Tot.

The best for the end: The HappySelf journal for life and nurture enquiring minds.

Slider: Mouty Paris

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