Christmas decor for children’s rooms

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This year I’ve noticed more and more of my clients are bringing Christmas decor into their children’s bedrooms. It’s a lovely way to add whimsey, adding to the excitement building in December.

And it’s super easy too. All the familiar seasonal decor that you bring into the rest of the home works just as well in kids’ rooms.

Plus, you can make things with the kids for their rooms, which will make it extra special. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Christmas decor for children’s rooms
Photo: Indigo & Me

Here are my 6 Christmas decor for children’s rooms ideas:

1. Greenery. You don’t have to bring in another full size Christmas tree, but a small tree in a plant pot with a few shatterproof baubles or other decorations goes a long way to say “Christmas is coming”. Alternatively, the Montery cypress is a houseplant that can double up as a Christmas tree. And, you and the kids can make your own tiny tree decorations – search on Pinterest if you need inspiration.

2. A tree shaped display on a wall. There are a zillion ways to do this: creating a tree outline with washi tape or zigzagging with a fairy light string or garland for example. You can use branches, cut stars or circles out of card, work with felt balls, pompoms, etc. Altogether, I love the idea of combining this with making your own tree shaped advent calendar.

kids room christmas decor

kids room christmas decor

Photos: Dreams & Wishes / / ValerieLovesHeiko

3. Fairy lights are a wonderful way to add festive spirit. They can be strung over bedheads, arranged on shelves, inside canopies, around animal heads on the wall… A star shaped light on a shelf, furniture or window also makes a cute accent (in wood, metal or paper to suit the style of the room). And the kids will probably want to keep them all year around.

4. Similarly and on the subject of stars – there are so many ways to add these. A sprinkling of removable star stickers around a display on the wall, above a shelf, star cushions on beds, star garlands…

kids room christmas decor

kids room christmas decor

kids room christmas decor

Photos:  Lena Degtyarova / Anthropologie / Elizabeth Heir / Bloggaibagis 

5. Or, you create a Christmas shelfie with small wooden animals like deer and other woodland animals around a small tree-like-plant, miniature trees made from bottle cleaners (Ikea does a cute set of three), or handmade trees by you and the children. And then you can add pine cones, stars, a micro led light string… A nativity scene is also an option of course.

6. A super stylish way to add some winter spirit are paper snowflakes. Hang them from the ceiling, on a wall or door, or in front of a window. Make them yourselves with the help of a Pinterest DIY, or buy then from party supply shops.

Happy holidays and see you in the new year!


Images:  Dreams & Wishes / Lena Degtvarova / ValerieLovesHeiko / Indigo & Me

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