Lillagunga Gymnastic Rings

Product of the month: Lillagunga Gymnastic Rings

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Bring the playground inside and channel all that energy with these fabulous gymnastic rings by Lillagunga. No need to wait for gym class anymore because it is waiting for you in your room.

These exceptionally well crafted rings with a beautiful design, that will bring style to your home are our Product of the Month of March.

These gymnastic rings have a smooth and sleek finish to fit the shape of your or your little one’s hand perfectly. The height is easily adjusted and the fun is guaranteed. The high quality crafting of each ring means they require just three elements which are securely glued together.

They are designed for kids from 3 years and can hold a maximum weight of 90kg. The whole family can and should enjoy these!

Made in Finland by Lillagunga (the name is taken from the Swedish word for ‘little swing’) who aspire to reinvent products by adding a touch of modern simplicity. Superior quality, influenced by the Scandinavian design tradition.

And as much fun these rings will add to your day, they also help to gain strength and develop balance and body coordination.

The Lillagunga Gymnastic Rings are available in either painted white birch or oak. Once you chose the wood you can also choose from 8 stunning rope colours.  To perfectly match your style and interior colour scheme. Choose between white, black, beige, grey, fuchsia, red, mint and yellow.

The ropes come in 3 lengths depending on the height of the ceiling you will be hanging them from.
Lillagunga Gymnastic Rings

Here at Luna we think that we need a pair (or two) for the office. Some stretching, fun and exercise can only be productive…

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