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Fashion and Lifestyle news from Spain, April 2018


Hello, everyone. It has already been a month since my last post; how time flies! I hope you are all fine and enjoying this super edition of LunaMag!

Today we are starting with a home decor brand I admire and know well.
I have had the pleasure of working with Nobodinoz for a couple of years. Over this time, I’ve gotten to know them well. I had the privilege of observing their evolution from the beginning.

They are above all super professional and extremely creative. Their multinational team is always at the vanguard of children’s decor and design. Consequently they are always innovating, always fearlessly looking for something original, new, and different.
I love the freshness of their products. I believe Nobodinoz’s secret is their great understanding of what children love. Nobodinoz’s creative team has exquisite taste, coupled with a  management team who strictly controls all the processes through the most minor of details.

Nobodinoz’s playful and modern decor

Nobodinoz mood-pure-furniture-nobodinoz_1

Nobodinoz is a French and Spanish home decor brand for babies, kids, and grown-ups. Design, beauty, and colour are the core of the company.
Nobodinoz makes long-lasting products that you can trust for generations. Nobodinoz is especially popular among kids but furthermore their creations are suitable for every room in the house.

Nobodinoz wallpaper-mood-gold-stella-white-nobodinoz_2
From furniture and toys to colorful textiles, like bedding and accessories. Nobodinoz focuses in particular on materials, craftsmanship, tradition, quality, and expertise.
All the fabrics are woven, dyed, and printed in Barcelona, exclusively for Nobodinoz.

The brand was born in 2012 in Barcelona. Nobodinoz products are available online.

To the Moon Swimwear, a Gymnastics-inspired collection

I’ve been following this brand since the very beginning, and I love their style. Born in 2016 in Sevilla, Spain, To the Moon is a very young company. Just like their customers! And with that vital, youthful, carefree, rebellious, and cheerful spirit they bring a breath of fresh air to swimwear fashion for children and teenagers.

What they have achieved with this new sport and gymnastics-inspired collection is really fun and comfortable. I am sure this swimwear will be very appealing especially to young kids and teenagers. My favorites are the ruffled swimsuits for girls… I love ruffles when they’re not too excessive ; )


All the swimsuits are made in Spain with only premium fabrics. If you are looking for swimwear I invite you to take a look to this article on LunaMag here.

Plumeti Rain

What a lovely collection Plumeti Rain produced for this summer. With a very romantic style, Laura and Pablo, the two creative directors of this brand, have consolidated the Plumeti Rain’s place in the Spanish world of children’s fashion.

Plumeti Rain colección SS18 cómo comprar online-AAD3896

Plumeti Rain colección SS18 cómo comprar online-AAD4254

Nature, nostalgia, stories, children playing outdoors…every moment serves as an impulse to create new collections. The new summer offers are a perfect blend of delicacy, exclusive prints, and a dash of poetry.

MAA shoes SS 2018: A Comfy, Trendy, and Rebellious Brand

Started in 2001, MAA shoes is already an iconic brand. An artisan family with extensive experience crafts these high-quality shoes.  With a laid-back and informal look that have become a favorite when it comes to casual shoes for kids.

Maa shoes for boys

Maa shoes for girls

Maa shoes for boys SS18
Using the latest technology and sporting a cosmopolitan image, these shoes represent a brand with its own distinct identity.

Their fresh and fun designs are inspired by the funky style of the Californian coast in the US. At MAA shoes, they use only premium quality leather to provide maximum comfort.

Moodblue, My Dream Garden

Moodblue was the dream of Marí­a J. Outes, a mom of 4 girls who have become her inspiration. This new collection is called “My Dream Garden”. Full of flowers and vibrant colors, is an ode to spring.

The dresses and skirts are refreshing, downplaying their romantic origins to become the stars of children’s dressing rooms.

Moodblue SS18 4

Moodblue SS18 5
The mix of colors, from pastel shades and neutral tones to acid corals and blues, creates looks full of life. Another novelty of this season’s collection are the swimsuits. Thanks to a wonderful atelier they are authentic pieces of desire for beach days!


I hope you enjoy these collections! More to come next month.

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