Spotlight on these 13 children brands from The Netherlands

Spotlight on these 13 children’s brands from The Netherlands

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A lot has happened over the last years in the children's fashion scene and this small country is no exception. The Dutch launched one cool label after the other and it is time to give our favourites a spot here today.

You will notice that the focus lies on comfortable and organic fabrics, clean shapes and neutral colours. Children’s fashion from The Netherlands reflects what is important for the grown ups: Uncomplicated styles, sport influences and timeless staples.

So if you are looking for fantastic basics and clothes that you can mix and match with the rest of the wardrobe – this is your place!

Are you ready to have a look at these 13 cool Dutch children’s brands?
Let’s go:

Donsje bear backpack


What started as a baby shoe brand is now a fantastic shoe, accessories and also children’s fashion brand. Donsje designs irresistibly cute stuff that is not only loved by kids but also by their parents. Their signature style reflects the love for vintage treasures, the passion for authentic materials and the inspiration from faraway places.

gray label pinafore

Gray Label

Minimalistic and easy-to-wear children’s apparel that is tailored to fit children’s needs. Find beautiful soft-tone colours and super soft 100% organic cotton.

house of jamie

House of Jamie

An Amsterdam-based label that does nursery essentials, decor and apparel for children. Again, you can find clean shapes with neutral and sophisticated tones. And everything is made from super soft and Eco friendly fabrics.

imps elfs baby

Imps & Elfs

Pioneers in the children’s fashion scene! Imps & Elfs were the first to adopt ecological fibers and made organic cotton look great. The brand designs uber comfortable and ultra soft sweatshirts, t-shirts, cardigans, bodysuits and jeans. Always with a little touch of trendiness and rock ‘n’ roll!

kidscase 2018


Modern yet timeless collections in a minimalist style! Independent and dynamic basics for children who love a wearable, sophisticated and radiating style. Inspired by street- and sportswear just as well as by high fashion.

les coyotes de paris

Les Coyotes de Paris

Not from Paris but based in Amsterdam, this exciting brand offers a cool and eclectic wardrobe for teenage girls and mums. Iconic and timeless pieces, inspired by the 60s and 70s.

little hedonist

Little Hedonist

No-nonsense, quality and simplicity. Yet fashionable clothes for your little one. Anew, comfy unisex items which are wearable all year round with raw edges. As a symbol for the open mind that has no limitations and boundaries.

maed for mini

maed for mini

Maed for mini is a Rotterdam born, Amsterdam based conscious kids brand. With the use of adorable colours, soft quality materials and a sustainable environment, they create clothing that attract parents and that kids love to wear.



This young label offers a unique style trough the combination of simplicity and refined details. Nixnut ensures premium quality, natural colours and the most comfortable fabrics.

noeser clothing


Another cool Dutch brand that creates organic cotton baby clothes with a lot of personality and humour. Moreover: Here you can find all your wardrobe basics.

phil & phae

Phil & Phae

Phil & Phae makes comfy chic collections for babies and kids. They believe that a good design is unique, but never too complicated. With greatest attention to details and fit, executed in the softest and most comfortable materials.

repose ams

Repose Ams

Comfort and design meet harmoniously at this Amsterdam based children’s wear brand. The collections are sophisticated yet comfortable. Fashionable yet casual!

S P R O E T & S P R O U T

Sproet & Sprout

True beauty lies within the perfect imperfections – that is Sproet & Sprout’s mantra and it does not only apply to their hand drawn designs. This expressive label is all about experimental motifs and fun prints. Additionally it is produced in simple shapes and neutral shades for timeless and easy pieces.

We invite to also discover these dazzling brands from Portugal or Scandinavia, who adore the simple and timeless approach as well.


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