A new baby arrives - the 5 best books for siblings to be

A new baby arrives – the 5 best books for siblings to be


September is the month where most babies are born. And we thought that it would be the perfect moment to share some nice books for siblings to be.

Because introducing a young child to the idea of a new brother or sister can be a tricky venture. And when the waiting is becoming shorter a good book can be of great help.

We have 5 books that offer parents a way of starting the conversation. About the baby developing in mummy’s tummy and how things will change, especially during the first weeks, when the baby is born. Looking at the pictures will stimulate your child to ask questions and to talk about their own newborn days.

Let’s have a look at these 5 best books for siblings to be!


The New Small Person Lauren Child
‘The New Small Person’ by Lauren Child
Big brother Elmore is gradually adjusting to baby brother Albert. The focus is very much on the children’s relationship and how the older sibling grows to enjoy having a younger brother. The parents are very much in the background. A funny and charming book for older siblings that does not focus on the pregnancy and coming home bits as many other books do.


A classic:

A baby sister for Frances
A baby sister for Frances
With a new baby sister in the house, Frances is feeling quite forgotten. So Frances decides to run away – not far – and overhears her parents talking on how much they miss her. That is when she begins to realises that she does have great responsibilities as an older sister and more importantly as a daughter.


First year:

the new baby lisa stickley
Lisa Stickley’s book ‘The new baby‘ is all about the first year in the life of a baby. And told by his big sister. From first arriving home to sitting up and crawling, and with sound effects to accompany the actions. This book is a voyage of discovery, full of fun, wonder and beautiful observation.



you were the first book
‘You were the first’ by Patricia MacLachlan
A touching tribute to baby’s early milestones! And it is for the pending big brother or sister to realise just how much they are still loved. This book focuses on the first child’s experiences, rather than a pregnancy, or future siblings. First steps, words or food – a book that will bring a lot of memories back and might even make your eyes water.


Positive waiting:

hello in there a big sister's book of waiting
Hello in There! – A Big Sister’s Book of Waiting
The protagonist is so eager to step into her role as a big sister that she’s starting early! She sticks close to her mama so she can sing songs to her sibling-to-be (loudly, of course) and explain all the great things waiting in the outside world (cupcakes! strawberries! swimming!). This book focuses on the ‘before the baby is born’ part but in such a positive way that it is encouraging!

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Slider: The New Small Person by Lauren Child