How To Know You’re Ready For a Second Baby

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Every child is a miracle. Each period from their first smile to their school career is a period of new challenges and rewards.

No matter how much you love that your first child is growing up and no matter how proud you are of them, you also have to let them be more independent.

Of course, this independence is good and essential for both of you, but you can still find yourself often reminiscing about the times they were but a little swaddled bundle of joy that you loved holding close so much. Who says having another would be a bad idea?

How To Know You're Ready For a Second Baby

1. Your body has recovered

Pregnancy might be wonderful and the time you feel most like a woman, but it’s also very hard on your body. After all, it’s going to many changes on the hormonal and physical part. A whole other being is growing inside of you! The biggest stress for your body is, of course, childbirth. Though it may have been one of the most amazing experiences you’ve had, it was still stressful for your body.
That’s why letting yourself heal is imperative. It wouldn’t be very good for your body to go through pregnancy right after you’ve given birth. If you find you’re feeling strong and confident, you have enough energy, and your overall health is on point, you can think about having a second baby. Think of it this way, if your health isn’t optimal, how can the new baby’s be?

2. You keep up with baby trends

Even though your baby is no longer a baby anymore, you find yourself scrolling online and looking at new baby trends and parenting methods. You may tell yourself that you’re just too invested in the mother’s story to quit reading now. The baby blogs just make you melt and you can’t get enough of the cute stories about what the baby did this time.
As far as the trends are concerned, you probably find yourself wishing your little one was so little so that you could take advantage of all those trends and refine your parenting skills.

3. Your family feels incomplete

No matter what happens, you’ll always love your first child. Still, now that they’re old enough and you don’t have to care for them on such an intimate level anymore, your family may feel incomplete. Wouldn’t it be nice if your child has a sibling? That would teach them some responsibility and give them a playmate and a partner in crime.
Your family pictures would get fuller by one, and you’ll all have someone new to nurture. With another baby, your child will have a companion for life, even after you’re gone. Having two children can fill the void in your heart and make everyone’s life feel more complete.

4. Baby stuff makes you nostalgic

Your child may have overgrown their old crib and stroller, but you didn’t just throw their things away. When you look at these things, you’re probably overwhelmed with nostalgia when you come near these items. Your little one used to sleep their soundly every night (and sometimes not soundly at all), and the Mother’s Choice stroller you bought turned out to be your baby’s trusty steed on their journey to discovering the world around them.
These items don’t have to go away. You can live through the same first moments with a second baby, and they can serve their purpose again. If you often find yourself sinking back to the old times when you place your hands on the stroller, or smell the clean baby sheets, it might be time to consider putting them back to use.

5. You’re budgeting

Financial stability is always very important, but if you find yourself saving money for no apparent reason, your subconscious may be trying to tell you something. Why put away buying that new dress you saw in the store window? You’re not going to use the money for anything else anyway, are you? In reality, you may have already started decorating the new baby’s room in your mind.
And you’re probably setting away some funds for all the necessity’s the baby will need. Suddenly, those baby clothes at the mall seem irresistible, don’t they? The little shoes and socks are even cuter, and the witty print on baby shirts seems even more adorable. Yes, that extra money you have will definitely come in handy soon.


Being scared and doubting if you can do it is a normal part of parenting. After all, bringing another person into this world is a huge step. That being said, you should remember how unprepared you were for your first kid. Now things should be a tad easier as you’ve already gone through the tough periods and know how to handle. This leaves more time to actually enjoy the time you have with your newborn.

Text: Stella Ryne


Slider: Getty Images / Pekic

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