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After the stocking fillers yesterday we are moving on.

And we have some very cool gifts for children here today. For kids who like to craft, some fun games, cute accessories and things for their room.

We will cover babies and teens later, so these are for anyone in between! And as always, pleasing to the little ones as well as mum and dad!


gift guide 2018 children

The usual question is: What should we get the kids, because the kids room is full of toys and they have everything they need. They most probably do have everything they need, but we have a few ideas about gifts for children that will make great additions. And that you will not find everywhere…

Let’s have a look and get inspired:


1. Wooden tree house. Nice change from the traditional doll’s house.

2. The Big Book of the Blue. Fantastic book that is packed full of amazing facts and quirky illustrations.

3. Timber Tumble! Let’s help the beaver at the dam.

4. Lego display case for all the small collectibles.


1. Classic dominoes in XL and with lovely raised dots in cool colours. A game that the whole family will enjoy and bring together.

2. Decorative and educational! Beautiful globe.

3. Gymnastic rings for your home and hours of fun!

4. Cutest chair that will become a true heirloom piece.


1. Vintage woven doll’s seat. Too cute and a must have for any mini mama.

2. Nice addition for any play house. They look just like the real versions…

3. African animal headdress for hours of imaginative fun. Makes for great decoration when the lion needs some rest.

4. Beautiful wooden stencils for creative afternoons.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas for gifts for children and we’ll see you back tomorrow for our next Gifts for Dads guide. And this way to our Gift Guide overview!

Slider: Getty Images / Carol Yepes

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