easy Easter egg DIY ideas

5 easy Easter egg DIY ideas with the kids

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The countdown to Easter is ticking. Tick Tick Tick. A fantastic moment to get crafty again and to hit the supermarket for a pallet of eggs. Here at Luna we found the best Easter egg DIY ideas that are easy, cute and super fun.

Because once it gets complicated or takes too long the kids, especially the smaller ones, get bored. So let’s keep it simple and with these easy Easter Egg DIY ideas you will make the Easter week end super fun!

You will be surprised how little extra utensils you will need to achieve fabulous results.

easy Easter egg DIY ideas

Natural brown Easter Eggs.

All you need are some brown eggs and a non-toxic white paint pen. And then it is really up to your and your kids’ creativity. Keeping it simple with geometric shapes and lines for example. Draw faces, flowers or more eggs.
Best part: This is a rather mess free DIY!
Via Kaley Ann


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Easter Eggs with a wired crown.

Or ears. Or just cute. And easy!
You really just need some eggs, wire and your fingers. Enjoy.
Best part: The ears (or crowns) can be re-used.
Via Zwoste

easy Easter egg DIY ideas

Easter bunnies.

When there are Easter eggs there are Easter bunnies too. These are, again, so easy to make. Eggs, felt, pom poms, marker and glue.
You can, of course, make them colourful bunnies too with blue ears and yellow tail.
Via Urbane Jane

easy Easter egg DIY ideas

Natural dye!

You can search Google and find tons of ideas and recipes for natural dyed Easter eggs. We like this article – with lots of info and colours.
Image and more ideas for this technology via Kirsten Rickert. A good moment to show the kids what we can do with natural resources.


DIY Easter Eggs in Party Hats.

You like it more festive? Eggs can wear party hats too!
Via Flax & Twine

easy Easter egg DIY ideas

Happy Easter!

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