Mother's Day - an ode to motherhood

Mother’s Day – an ode to motherhood

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10 more days and the UK will celebrate Mother's Day. On Sunday, March 11 lots of cards, flowers and cakes will be gifted and phone traffic will spike by as much as 37 percent.

Celebrating mothers and motherhood. Maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. Mother’s Day founder Anna Jarvis created the day back in 1908 and it became an official US holiday in 1914.

Today it is more a commercial day and often forgotten that it was about giving thanks and not just buying things. The same happened to many other celebrations (think Thanksgiving that is now followed by the biggest sale event of the year). Even Jarvis would later denounce the holiday’s commercialization and spent the latter part of her life trying to remove it from the calendar.

So we were thinking here at on what we would like to do. We could of course share some DIY ideas or sweet postcards. Recipes for a lush breakfast or jewelry gift ideas. But is this what you would like to see mums?

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Would you maybe prefer to read a great article (like these 5 working mums and their morning routine), full of interesting facts and the knowledge that you do a fantastic job.

Let us link to this post for example: A mum was having serious doubts about herself and her qualities of being a mum. Until somebody told her the exact opposite.

We want to take the opportunity as well and tell you that you are doing a super job. Motherhood is challenging. You will discover new limits and you will not always love it.

You are a good mum.

Motherhood can be a thankless gig. No bonuses or promotions and no yearly reviews where you are told what a stellar job you are doing.

And thus we think that this a great occasion for kind words to pick up your broken spirits. We are all human and we are not cut from the same mold. What works for one mum may not work for another. No child is born with a manual and we all do our best. You do your best. Every day. The best for your kids, your family, your well being and what works best for your situation, character and idea of life.
The most important thing is love. That your kids are loved. That they feel loved. Because you are on a wonderful, as well as difficult and yet rewarding journey called motherhood. You are putting your own little twists on motherhood, but you are doing your best!

And we need each other for strength and support! Here at Luna we would like to gift you a few very meaningful links to extraordinary articles about motherhood. Articles, talks or books that touched us:

  • Maybe listen to this empowering TED talk by Gesine Thomson. Gesine speaks to the very heart of motherhood. One of the most moving, honest and memorable talks.
  • To the Mother With Only One Child – moving. Must read!
  • If you are interested in the psychological part of becoming a mum or would like some book recommendations, we can highlight this article.
  • “A toddler is a cross between a sociopath, a rabid animal, a cocker spaniel, a demon, and an angel. Depending on the time of day and when your toddler’s last meal was, you will see all of these sides.” from Bunmi Laditan, Toddlers Are A**holes: It’s Not Your Fault book


And yes, well spotted. We did include some beautiful flowers in this article. We are funny like this (and because who does not enjoy a pretty bouquet?)…


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